Planning a workable parenting schedule after a divorce

| Jan 28, 2019 | Child Custody |

It’s not uncommon for divorced parents in New Jersey to squabble. Still, there is often a need to put personal animosity aside when working out a post-divorce parenting schedule. Taking this step could make the transition to a different living arrangement easier for the kids. First of all, a suitable parenting schedule should always be focused on a child’s best interests.

If child custody will be shared, logistics are often a consideration. It’s usually best for both parents to stay in the same area, especially if children have already started another school year. Furthermore, the parents should keep the school schedule in mind by factoring in such things as after-school activities and holiday and summer breaks.

The degree to which children have a say in the parenting schedule should be based on their age and maturity level. For instance, parents would likely do what they feel is best for their younger kids. If children are older, they may want to offer some input about what they prefer; although, parents would still have the final say. Lastly, parents are urged to consider any special emotional, mental or physical needs that their kids may have when putting together a workable and sensible parenting schedule.

After joint custody issues have been worked out, an attorney may be able to help a client draw up a parenting schedule. This usually involves encouraging parents to make reasonable sacrifices. A lawyer may also advise parents not to assume a parenting schedule will be set in stone. Unexpected circumstances such as one parent having to relocate because of work obligations or an inability to afford the marital home may mean making adjustments to the parenting schedule and/or custody agreement.



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