The benefits of child custody mediation

| Apr 24, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents in New Jersey or any other state get a divorce, they could be faced with a variety of stressful emotions. Unfortunately, it can be harder to come to a custody agreement when a person is stressed and trying to win a court case. Instead of going to court, parents can mediate a child custody case.

Doing so allows each person to think about the future as opposed to rehashing issues from the past. This can make it easier for parents to develop a good working relationship that benefits both them and the children. By talking about what they need from each other going forward, an adult will feel less stress. This can improve their mood when they are with their children, and it can also lead to a more productive life overall.

Another benefit of mediation is that each side can walk away from the process feeling as if they have gotten something from it. In most cases, parents will both be able to retain a relationship with their children. Furthermore, the children are generally better off since they aren’t put in the middle of a conflict between parents. Since mediation often takes less time than litigation or private negotiations without a mediator, it generally costs less money.

Going through mediation can make it easier to create a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child while also being convenient for the parents. Ideally, the child will have relationships with both parents even if only one parent receives legal or physical custody of a son or daughter. Parents may have the opportunity to consult with an attorney before any agreement reached through mediation is binding on both parties.



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