How to prepare for divorce

| Mar 28, 2018 | Blog |

Signs that the end of a marriage is near often do not appear suddenly. Usually, there are symptoms such as emotional detachment, spousal absence or nonstop bickering. Many Bergen area couples who are getting ready to go through the separation process may find themselves ill-prepared for the financial aftermath. 

Here are some actions to take to keep the rug from being pulled from underneath you. 

Check the finances 

Start gathering copies of all financial documents. Do not overlook any separate and joint accounts, life insurance policies, investment portfolios, properties, credit cards, debts and assets. You may also want to trace and document all your spouse’s financial information. Think about the financial responsibilities you will have once your divorce is over and come up with a budget. You may benefit from working with a forensic accountant or financial adviser. 

Plan ahead 

Though you want to focus on getting through the divorce, it is essential for you to look at the big picture. Plan ahead so you make it through the bumpy married-to-single transition. For example, think about your future living arrangements and potential financial situation. Begin looking now for ways to increase your credentials, career opportunities and income, if necessary.

Retain a divorce attorney 

Divorce is usually complicated, but higher-earning couples often encounter challenges that lower income divorcees do not. For personalized advice about your situation, you should consult with an attorney. He or she can guide you through the process, help you avoid common pitfalls and improve the outcome of your divorce. 

Get counseling 

Depending on the issues and dynamics in your home, counseling might be beneficial if you need assistance with your emotional health. A therapist can help you and your children accept the situation, cope with the changes and ensure you are in a better mental state to deal with the situation. 



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