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March 2018 Archives

Understanding child visitation schedules

When New Jersey parents split up or begin the divorce process, a child visitation schedule may be set so that the noncustodial parent gets to spend time with his or her children. In most cases, the child visitation schedule is ordered by the court and must be adhered to. If one or both parents violate the visitation order, there may be court penalties.

How to prepare for divorce

Signs that the end of a marriage is near often do not appear suddenly. Usually, there are symptoms such as emotional detachment, spousal absence or nonstop bickering. Many Bergen area couples who are getting ready to go through the separation process may find themselves ill-prepared for the financial aftermath. 

Dividing retirement plans properly during a divorce

Couples in New Jersey who are getting a divorce can end up with unpleasant surprises if they divide their retirement assets in the wrong way. To avoid high penalties, unexpected tax bills and an ex-spouse receiving a higher share than intended, it is important that spouses are aware of how different retirement accounts should be treated.