Custody arrangements for undocumented workers

| Jul 6, 2017 | Child Custody |

The American-born children of undocumented workers in New Jersey and around the country are automatically granted American citizenship, but this is not enough to stop the immigration authorities from initiating deportation proceedings against their parents. President Trump has been highly critical of the nation’s border control policies and has vowed to clamp down on illegal immigration, and this has prompted some undocumented workers to put contingency plans in place to take care of their American-born children should they no longer be able to.

Some immigrant families are seeking individuals who can care for their children on a temporary basis should they be deported, but many parents would rather shield their children from political upheaval and violence in their home countries by putting child custody arrangements into place that would allow them to remain in the United States permanently. However, actually achieving this goal can be extremely difficult even when close friends or family members are willing to take on the added responsibility.

Immigrant families in this position face both financial and legal obstacles. Undocumented workers may not have the resources necessary to pursue their legal options, and the individuals who they turn to take care of their children often have immigration issues of their own and face uncertain futures themselves. To address this issue, advocacy groups have held family law and child custody workshops in immigrant communities across the country.

Family law attorneys may understand how difficult these situations can be for parents, and they may seek to make their decisions easier by explaining their legal options clearly and outlining the actions that must be taken in order to achieve them. Deportation actions are often completed quickly, and attorneys could urge undocumented workers to take proactive action to safeguard their children rather than waiting until matters become urgent.



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