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July 2015 Archives

Financial planning and divorce

In many New Jersey divorces, one or both parties fail to appropriately plan financially for life after they become single. Not paying attention to certain matters can lead to financial disasters down the road. There are several planning strategies people may want to do.

Child's best interest trumps prior substance use

Family law attorneys say that parents are not automatically considered unfit to have custody of their children if they have histories of alcohol or drug abuse. New Jersey parents might be surprised that even records of spousal abuse, mental issues, joblessness and criminality do not always outweigh the child's best interest.

A thoughtful approach to sharing child custody

It is never easy to go through a divorce, no matter how amicable the two parties may be. For many New Jersey couples, the hardest part of the process is navigating child custody disputes while simultaneously protecting the emotional well being of the children. In order to do this successfully, many parents strive for a custody arrangement that allows them to share custody for the benefit of the kids.