Child custody issues require personal attention in New Jersey

| Dec 16, 2014 | Child Custody |

No two families are alike. Whenever there is a child custody issue, the individual needs and nuances of a family have to play a role in the outcome of any court hearing or decision. While a parent may know full well what he or she wants or thinks is best for a child, the family courts in New Jersey will weigh many factors before deciding a judgment pertaining to child custody.

One of the main factors the court will consider is the fitness of each parent. The relationship a child has with each parent matters also. Aside from the details of those interactions, the actual needs of a child will be considered and addressed above most other factors, as the court system always tries to act in the best interest of the children above that of a parent.

The relationship, needs and interactions of the parent and child are not the only factors to be considered. How parents treat each other can be factored into a child custody case. The parents involved may be scrutinized about details as to how they communicate with each other.  Any kind of past domestic violence issues may also be weighed when there is a child custody case.

A child custody case needs to be handled delicately and expertly. The outcome can have more of an impact on a child’s life than any other decision. It is vital for parents to grasp how a case may play out and what the options are for any parent who feels that a child custody case in New Jersey did not play out as he or she had intended. Our website has more information about the process and what may occur as a child custody case unfolds.



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