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October 2014 Archives

Financial adjustments may be needed after high-asset divorce

Anytime a couple splits, even under the most amicable situations, there are changes that come about. One area that is bound to change, especially where a high-asset divorce is concerned, is the financial outlook of the parties involved. Any New Jersey couple going through a high-asset divorce may want to consider the financial ramifications and how to protect themselves as they adjust after a divorce.

Retirement accounts an important part of property division

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a person in New Jersey might have to make in their lifetime is to seek a divorce.  Once that decision has been made, the former couple will have many other ones to make. If there are minor children, for example, they must decide on custody arrangements and child support. However, there are many issues related to property division that must also be decided. With all that, some say that it is important not to overlook retirement accounts.