The benefits of post-judgment modifications to family law orders

| Aug 18, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

When you and your former spouse chose to marry one another, you likely expected that you would be together forever. When you opted to divorce, that perception was compelled to evolve. In truth, life evolves in a host of unexpected ways. As a result, the same family law orders that were instituted when you first opted to divorce may no longer serve your needs. Thankfully, family law accounts for the evolution of life generally and families specifically.

When life circumstances change dramatically, either party to a family law order may opt to file for a post-judgment modification. An experienced family law attorney can help you to file this document, which may be applied to spousal support orders, child support orders and child custody orders. Specific restrictions may apply to these orders, so it is important to have an attorney evaluate your circumstances before you file for a modification.

Significant changes in circumstance can include increases in income, decreases in income, a death, injury or illness in the family that dramatically impacts your financial situation, relocation, remarriage, child abuse or neglect by your co-parent, substance abuse by your co-parent and other significant life events.

If you are unsure of whether or not you could significantly benefit from obtaining a modification, understand that there is no harm in seeking a consultation with an attorney. Exploring your legal options in this way does not obligate you to file for a modification but it will allow you to make a more informed decision either way.




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