Preparing for consultations with a divorce attorneys

| Jul 24, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

Hiring a divorce attorney is serious business. The attorney you choose will be charged with representing your interests during one of the most important legal processes you will likely ever navigate. As a result, it is not generally advisable to simply hire a family law attorney at random. It is preferable to research potential candidates and schedule consultations with those individuals you believe may be a good fit for you and your unique circumstances.

It is also important to prepare for your consultations with each of your attorney candidates. This preparation will not only help you to organize your thoughts, it will also likely aid you in defining your priorities for your divorce process. The ways in which an attorney responds to the questions you have prepared will help you determine whether or not you would like any given candidate to represent you and your interests.

Begin by preparing relevant financial documentation that will potentially affect your divorce settlement. This documentation may include, but is not limited to, pay stubs, recent bank and financial statements, your household budget and any other pieces of information that may help an attorney candidate get a sense of your financial situation.

Then, compile a list of questions about both your attorney’s experience, fees and timeline along with questions about your unique circumstances. If you have children, an abusive spouse, special property division needs or other special considerations, please ask your attorney about how these things will impact your process in his or her estimation.

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