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Recent Settlements

Schepisi & McLaughlin Obtains $4,137,500.00 Recovery for Accidental Overdose

In a major victory, Schepisi & McLaughlin’s John Schepisi and Silvana Raso negotiated a $4.1 million settlement November 3rd, 2011 on behalf of a client who was injured when he was a 17-year-old high school senior. The client, Scott Simon overdosed on prescription medication at a party in 2007 and is now incompetent and wheelchair bound. The case was unusual in that there were several layers of potential liability and a host of complications.

The case began when another teenager who worked at an established pharmacy stole prescription medication which he then supplied to the youth at a party attended by as many as 50 teens. When Scott Simon fell ill, other partygoers deliberately refused to call for help and spent a few hours cleaning up the party and trying to find home remedies for overdoses for fear they would “get in trouble” with their parents and the police. Ultimately, experts said, the delay in bringing Scott Simon in for medical attention caused a catastrophic brain injury.

The challenge for Schepisi and McLaughlin – along with co-counsel Raymond Gill – was not only multiple layers of liability and defenses by various insurance carriers that limited the recovery, but that the youthful victim, Scott Simon, had a history of drug use. The youth who stole and supplied the Xanax to Simon had a known history of convictions for drug use when he was hired by the pharmacy. In fact, the owner of the pharmacy had been warned of this history by the police and the DEA had warned the pharmacy owner of drug thefts at the pharmacy. Nevertheless, the pharmacy owner and the pharmaceutical distributor allowed the individual to accept deliveries of drugs and allowed him access to those drugs while he was employed there. The case against Kinray, the pharmaceutical distributor that supplied the drugs to Harding Pharmacy, was dismissed but is currently under appeal.

The $4.1 million settlement obtained by Schepisi & McLaughlin from the pharmacy and the partygoers, despite the fact that the drugs were voluntarily taken demonstrates the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge of the firm.